Children’s authors featured on the School Reading List

Children's authors and YA authors featured on the School Reading List

Children’s authors featured in our school reading lists

Below is a list of all the authors featured in children’s, teen and young adult book recommendation lists on this site. On each children’s author page there is also a link to the recommended reading lists on this website that feature that author, popular books by that writer, links to resources, social media and the author’s website, and where available, a short biography or a link to Wikipedia.

Our team of experienced teachers, librarians, home educators and parents have compiled a diverse list of authors from around the world to ensure that all aspects of children’s and YA literature have been represented. We’ve been particularly keen to include authors who include BAME characters in their stories, and YA novels where at least one of the main characters is from an ethnic minority. We’ve also ensured that writers whose books contain themes of social class, civil rights, racism, celebrating our uniqueness, immigration, refugees and the effects of war have been promoted.

Children’s, Teen and YA authors, listed in alphabetical order










Is you favourite writer missing?

If you think there’s a children’s author or YA author that we might have missed, do let us know and please get in touch with us via the form on our ‘contact us‘ page.