Politics books for children and teens

Politics books for children and teens

Politics books for children and teens including titles by Michael Rosen, Alastair Campbell, Kamala Harris, Amanda Li, Tim Marshall, Malala Yousafzai, George Orwell, Axie Oh and many more.

The More Monster by Hayley Wells

The More Monster, written and illustrated by Hayley Wells

More urgently than ever now, we need the coming generation to hear the warnings hammering on the door. Hayley Wells has produced a brilliant book that is bound to spark serious questions in the minds of any youngster who reads it.

April 2022 book recommendations

April 2022 book club picks

Kicking off our first set of book club recommendations is April 2022’s picks featuring a diverse range of titles by Hayley Wells, Pooja Puri, Kelly Barnhill, Eloise Williams, Varsha Shah, Pam Smy and Nancy Springer.


Bestselling books by Hayley Wells

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