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Magazines and newspapers for children and teenagers

The list below features recommended magazines and newspapers for children in primary and secondary schools in the UK. Suggested titles include subscriptions for publications suitable for pupils aged 3-6, 7-12 and 13+; and also periodicals for teachers, subject coordinators, school leaders and school librarians. This page was last updated on Apr 23, 2018 @ 6:33 pm.

Magazines and comics for children aged 2-6

  • Dot magazine – for girls and boys aged 5 and under.
  • Okido magazine – for inquisitive infants up to five.
  • Storybox magazine – comics and short stories for children aged 3-6.
  • Juno – a magazine for parents who want to bring up ethical and interesting children.

Magazines and comics for children aged 6-12

  • National Geographic Kids Magazine – geography and the natural world in a child-friendly format.
  • First News – a fantastic, vibrant weekly newspaper aimed at children from 7-14. Ideal for at home, in the classroom or in the school library. Weblinks and additional resources are online.
  • The Phoenix comic – super colourful and fun comic with high-quality writing.
  • Storytime magazine – great stories to appeal to boys and girls in KS2.
  • Q Junior Puzzler – perfect for long travel journeys. Endless age-appropriate puzzles.
  • Adventure Box magazine – ideal for children engaged by adventure and real-life stories.
  • Discovery Box – perfect for the enquiring mind.
  • Mania – the bestselling magazine in Australia for primary aged children. Vibrant, fun and good for encouraging reading.
  • Minecraft World magazine – good for cross-curricular activities involving Minecraft.
  • Be Rugby magazine – aimed at girls aged 8-12.
  • Beano magazine – the legendary comic aimed at children aged 7-12.
  • Asian Geographic magazine – ideal to present the world to UK children from a different viewpoint.
  • Epic magazine – fun and visually bright magazine with lots of activities.
  • Whiz Pop Bang magazine – Award-winning science magazine for children.
  • The Week Junior magazine – vibrant and exciting weekly news compendium. Ideal for school libraries.
  • Amazing magazine – National Curriculum topics covered in fun and exciting ways.
  • Animal Tales – ideal for animal lovers. Filled with stories, facts and comes with a collectable poster in each issue.
  • Scoop – A huge variety of activities with contributions from leading children’s authors and illustrators.
  • Aqullia – A magazine to get bright children thinking.
  • Kookie magazine – Champions female role models and diversity. For children aged 8-12.
  • Eco Kids Planet magazine – ideal to promote eco appreciation and awareness.
  • Wacky But True magazine – full of short snippets and interesting facts. Good for reluctant readers.
  • Fun For Kidz – US-based magazine focussing on fun and reading. No ads and no violence.
  • The official Jacqueline Wilson magazine – perfect for fans of JW books.
  • Crikey – Australian magazine for wild children to explore.
  • Faces – promoting cultural diversity to children.
  • Anorak magazine – stories and imaginative games for artistic and creative children.
  • Click – this magazine is designed for EAL pupils who are beginning to learn the English language.
  • Match of the Day – Football magazine linked to the BBC highlights programme.
  • Commando – war-related stories to appeal to boys.
  • The Loop – ideal to spark imagination in creative-minded children.

Magazines and comics for teenagers

  • National Geographic – the world-renowned periodical examining modern geography, science and natural history.
  • Philosophy Now – ideal for getting your teenager to think.
  • Rasperry Pi – the Complete Manual – perfect for teenagers interested in creating apps and gadgets using a Raspberry Pi.
  • History Today – great for secondary students interested in History.
  • BBC History – interesting and engaging magazine about general history.
  • The Woodworker – perfect to spark ideas for home projects.
  • Team – this magazine is designed for teenagers who are intermediate learners of the English language. Perfect for secondary EAL students.
  • El Sol – this magazine is aimed at secondary GSCE students studying Spanish. Vibrant and interesting.
  • Allons-Y – aimed at pupils beginning to learn French. Perfect for pupils aged 11-14 in KS3.
  • Dinosaurs – The ultimate guide to dinosaurs.
  • BBC Countryfile – ideal for teenagers interested in the environment and the countryside.
  • BBC Wildlife – a great read for teens who want to read about the natural world.
  • BBC Focus – an engaging magazine about science and technology featuring interviews and news on breakthroughs.
  • Lonely Planet – a stunning travel magazine with great writing.

Magazines for teachers

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