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Magazines and newspapers for children and teenagers

Magazines suitable for children aged 3-6, 7-12 and 13+

The list below features recommended magazines and newspapers for children in primary and secondary schools in the UK. Suggested titles include subscriptions for publications suitable for pupils aged 3-6, 7-12 and 13+; and also periodicals for teachers, subject coordinators, school leaders and school librarians. This page was last updated on May 31, 2018 @ 1:58 pm.

Magazines and comics for children aged 2-6

  • Dot magazine – for girls and boys aged 5 and under.
  • Okido magazine – for inquisitive infants up to five.
  • Storybox magazine – comics and short stories for children aged 3-6.
  • Juno – a magazine for parents who want to bring up ethical and interesting children.

Magazines and comics for children aged 6-12

  • National Geographic Kids Magazine – geography and the natural world in a child-friendly format.
  • First News – a fantastic, vibrant weekly newspaper aimed at children from 7-14. Ideal for at home, in the classroom or in the school library. Weblinks and additional resources are online.
  • The Phoenix comic – super colourful and fun comic with high-quality writing.
  • Storytime magazine – great stories to appeal to boys and girls in KS2.
  • Q Junior Puzzler – perfect for long travel journeys. Endless age-appropriate puzzles.
  • Adventure Box magazine – ideal for children engaged by adventure and real-life stories.
  • Discovery Box – perfect for the enquiring mind.
  • Mania – the bestselling magazine in Australia for primary aged children. Vibrant, fun and good for encouraging reading.
  • Minecraft World magazine – good for cross-curricular activities involving Minecraft.
  • Be Rugby magazine – aimed at girls aged 8-12.
  • Beano magazine – the legendary comic aimed at children aged 7-12.
  • Asian Geographic magazine – ideal to present the world to UK children from a different viewpoint.
  • Epic magazine – fun and visually bright magazine with lots of activities.
  • Whiz Pop Bang magazine – Award-winning science magazine for children.
  • The Week Junior magazine – vibrant and exciting weekly news compendium. Ideal for school libraries.
  • Amazing magazine – National Curriculum topics covered in fun and exciting ways.
  • Animal Tales – ideal for animal lovers. Filled with stories, facts and comes with a collectable poster in each issue.
  • Scoop – A huge variety of activities with contributions from leading children’s authors and illustrators.
  • Aqullia – A magazine to get bright children thinking.
  • Kookie magazine – Champions female role models and diversity. For children aged 8-12.
  • Eco Kids Planet magazine – ideal to promote eco appreciation and awareness.
  • Wacky But True magazine – full of short snippets and interesting facts. Good for reluctant readers.
  • Fun For Kidz – US-based magazine focussing on fun and reading. No ads and no violence.
  • The official Jacqueline Wilson magazine – perfect for fans of JW books.
  • Crikey – Australian magazine for wild children to explore.
  • Faces – promoting cultural diversity to children.
  • Anorak magazine – stories and imaginative games for artistic and creative children.
  • Click – this magazine is designed for EAL pupils who are beginning to learn the English language.
  • Match of the Day – Football magazine linked to the BBC highlights programme.
  • Commando – war-related stories to appeal to boys.
  • The Loop – ideal to spark imagination in creative-minded children.

Magazines and comics for teenagers

  • National Geographic – the world-renowned periodical examining modern geography, science and natural history.
  • Philosophy Now – ideal for getting your teenager to think.
  • Rasperry Pi – the Complete Manual – perfect for teenagers interested in creating apps and gadgets using a Raspberry Pi.
  • History Today – great for secondary students interested in History.
  • BBC History – interesting and engaging magazine about general history.
  • The Woodworker – perfect to spark ideas for home projects.
  • Team – this magazine is designed for teenagers who are intermediate learners of the English language. Perfect for secondary EAL students.
  • El Sol – this magazine is aimed at secondary GSCE students studying Spanish. Vibrant and interesting.
  • Allons-Y – aimed at pupils beginning to learn French. Perfect for pupils aged 11-14 in KS3.
  • Dinosaurs – The ultimate guide to dinosaurs.
  • BBC Countryfile – ideal for teenagers interested in the environment and the countryside.
  • BBC Wildlife – a great read for teens who want to read about the natural world.
  • BBC Focus – an engaging magazine about science and technology featuring interviews and news on breakthroughs.
  • Lonely Planet – a stunning travel magazine with great writing.

Magazines for teachers

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