Animal stories for children and teens

Animal stories for children – our reading suggestions

Animal stories for children – our reading suggestions with first chapter books, middle-grade fiction, teen novels and picture books by writers including Iona Rangely, Joe Wicks, Satoshi Kitamura, Moira Butterfield, Toon Tellegen and Nina Bawden.

Anglo-Saxons topic books for KS2

Anglo-Saxons topic books

Anglo-Saxon topic books for children aged 7-11 in KS2. This list includes nonfiction books and stories by Tony Bradman, Rosemary Sutcliff, Terry Deary, Karen Wallace, Robert Fowke and Anita Ganeri.

Ancient Egyptians topic books for KS2

Ancient Egyptian topic books

Ancient Egyptian topic books for Key Stage 2, including titles by David Long, Emma Carroll, Emily Bone, David Weitzman, Marcia Williams, Joe Todd-Stanton, Laura Wood and Terry Deary.

Atlases, maps and mapping books for children and teens

Atlases and maps for children and teens

Maps, mapping and atlases for children and teens, including nonfiction titles by Vivian French, Collins Maps, Emily Hawkins, Thiago de Moraes, Lonely Planet, Joshua Foer, Tim Marshall and Dorling Kindersley.

A Trip to the Future by Moira Butterfield

A Trip to the Future by Moira Butterfield

‘A Trip to the Future’ will challenge pupils to think, imagine, be creative, and look for solutions – all of which can be expressed in creative writing, oracy – in the form of debates or short films for home-learning, and deeper philosophical argument in persuasive writing.


Bestselling books by Moira Butterfield

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