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Are you having trouble finding your child or teen’s next read? If you’re one of our followers on social media, Take It As Read – we can help!

Using our 563 years of combined teaching and children’s book experience we’ll find some great recommendations to kick-start that reading bug.

Exclusively for our social media followers on X, Instagram and Facebook, Take It As Read is our book recommendation service for teachers, parents/guardians, home educators and librarians. Fill in the form below with as much detail as possible, and one of our team of experienced teachers, librarians and home educators will get back to you with a bespoke reading suggestion list.

Use this children’s book-finding service to discover great new and classic adventures, biographies, mysteries, fact books, teen thrillers, topic books and much more!

We’ll find great new books that you’ll love to read.

There’s no AI skullduggery, no computer chicanery, no tickbox trickery, no automated duplicity involved and no algorithmic razzle-dazzle. Take It As Read is the real deal. A real living, breathing, thinking, reading human being will take real-time to hand-pick real book recommendations. And a real person’s finger will press send on an email just for you.

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Take It As Read! Once we’ve received your form, we will aim to get back to you with bespoke book recommendations within five days.


  • Take It As Read is a free resource available to teachers, parents/guardians, home educators and librarians. School Reading List is offering this service exclusively to its followers on Social Media: specifically followers on X/Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.
  • This resource is for personal use only. It must not be used for commercial purposes, nor can it be copied, scraped or used to compile. It must not be used by or in conjunction with, AI.
  • Each user is allowed one form submission per week only. Circumventing this by using invented names or different profiles is not allowed and may result in the service being unavailable to you in future. If you try to submit more than one form per week, the additional form submissions will be ignored. Please try again after one week. We want to guard against spammer and AI abuse and ensure this free service is available to genuine users.
  • At this time, this service is open to users in the UK only.
  • The data you submit in this form will be stored while we compile your book recommendations. As soon as we email your Take It As Read book suggestions, your form data will be deleted.

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Tom Tolkien is a highly qualified (BA Hons, PGCE, QTS) children's literature expert and teacher with over 25 years of experience. He has led inset courses, developed curriculum materials, spoken at conferences, advised on longlisting for several international children's literature literature awards and written for educational publishers including contributing to a BETT award-nominated app. Social profiles: Twitter | Linkedin

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