Monster Stink by Anna Brooke

Monster Stink by Anna Brooke – at a glance

The School Reading Lists’ five word review: Bodily functions, monsters, friendship, reality TV.
Children’s book title: Monster Stink.
Children’s author: Anna Brooke.
Children’s illustrator: Owen Lindsay.
Genre: Children’s fiction.
Published by: Chicken House.
ISBN: 9781913696597.
Recommended for children aged: 6-9 year-olds.
First published: Paperback August 2023.
This children’s book is ideal for: Reluctant readers who will find this both gross and hilarious at the same time.

Monster Stink by Anna Brooke

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Our review:

Frank and his band, The Snozzlers, are competing in the semi-finals of the reality TV series, Forget the Rest, You’re the Best, to win an international concert tour – they might even get to go to Paris! Along with their best friend, Tiffany and her performing slugs, his mum, an operatic diva, and his very special monster, Bogey, he can’t wait to show the judges who really is the best!

Monster Stink by Anna Brooke page 2

Unfortunately, they aren’t the only band wanting to win. Lobbo’s Lab Rats are absolutely sure they’re going to take first place and aren’t at all bothered by how they do it. Being an actual scientist means Lobbo has all sorts of things at his fingertips that he can use to ensure his name is on the trophy.

When a noxious smell drifts over Frank’s village, however, Bogey’s personality changes and everything starts to go wrong. Can they discover what is happening before the competition or is it already too late?

Monster Stink by Anna Brooke page 3

Our verdict:

I’m not quite sure how to comment on a book whose blurb begins ‘Dear Nose-pickers’ but it isn’t aimed at me! This is a book written for 7-9-year-olds and I shared it with my 6-year-old grandson who loved it and read it happily by himself. He found it funny as well as ‘ewww‘, which was, I think, what the author was hoping for.

Monster Stink by Anna Brooke page 4

The chapters are quite short, around five pages, with plenty of illustrations throughout. This would be a popular addition to any year 2 or 3 classroom, because what child doesn’t relate to bogeys and farts? The teachers may be as amazed by this book as I was!

Many thanks to Chicken House for the review copy.

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