Stitch Head: the Graphic Novel by Guy Bass and Pete Williamson

Stitch Head: the Graphic Novel by Guy Bass and Pete Williamson – at a glance

The School Reading Lists’ five word review: Comic, gothic, monsters, bravery, friendship.
Children’s book title: Stitch Head: the Graphic Novel.
Children’s author: Guy Bass.
Children’s illustrator: Pete Williamson.
Genre: Graphic Novel.
Published by: Little Tiger.
ISBN: 9781788956376.
Recommended for children aged: 8-11.
First published: Paperback February 2024.
This children’s book is ideal for: KS2 comic fans.

Stitch Head: the Graphic Novel by Guy Bass and Pete Williamson

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Our review:

Oh Castle Grotteskew, what do you hide? Monsters and creatures and mad things inside!

When Fulbert Freakfinder brings his truly ‘Terrifying Travelling Carnival of Unnatural Wonders’ to the town of Grubbers Nubbin, he’s expecting to make a nice profit by scaring the locals with his band of ‘freaks’. But as young resident Amanda Guff point out, “Folk ‘round here got plenty to be scared of already” – namely the monsters from the spooky old Castle Grotteskew.

Inside the castle, mad Professor Erasmus Erasmus has made his greatest almost-life creation yet. Unfortunately, he’s put a bit too much. Werewolf Extract in the mix! When the newly animated creature goes on a rampage, it’s the Professor’s loyal assistant Stitch Head who calms the monster down and explains his new home.

Stitch Head was the Professor’s first creation, made when he was just a boy out of spare parts.

He made me. Put me together from leftovers. An arm, a leg there, an eye, an eye…

They were best friends and did everything together. Until one day the Professor’s father made him grow up to become the next mad professor of Grotteskew. Stitch Head was locked away and forgotten for forty years. When one of the now-adult Professor’s creations broke the door down, Stitch Head was able to escape. Now he spends his time secretly neutralising the more vicious tendencies in the Professor’s creations and longing for his former friend to remember him.

A little antidote here…a little curative there… I can keep the creations un-monstrous – and keep the professor safe.

When Fulbert Freakfinder tricks his way into the castle, he plans to force the Professor to make him monstrous freaks for his Carnival. It’s up to Stitch Head and his fellow creations to save both the Professor and the castle – just as soon as they get rid of the rampaging mob at the door!

Stich Head the Graphic Novel by Guy Bass and Pete Williamson spread 3

This graphic novel adaption of the first of the best-selling Stitch Head books is a lively story of friendship and celebrating difference. The gothic-style illustrations fit the Frankenstein motif and there are the usual tropes of a spooky old castle, a cackling mad Professor and an angry mob of villagers with flaming torches and pitchforks! The reader comes to see that it is the humans who are the real monsters, far scarier and more dangerous than Stitch Head and his fellow creations.

The graphic novel format makes for a lively and accessible read, even for reluctant readers. Stitch Head will soon be made into an animated film and an adaptation of the next book in the series – Stitch Head: The Pirate’s Eye – due in February 2025.

Stitch Head is an action-packed graphic novel that will appeal to fans of the Amelia Fang and Grimwood series.

Many thanks to Little Tiger for the review copy.

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