Time Travellers: Adventure Calling by Sufiya Ahmed

Time Travellers: Adventure Calling by Sufiya Ahmed – at a glance

The School Reading Lists’ five word review: International history, friendship, belonging, discovery.
Children’s book title: Time Travellers: Adventure Calling.
Children’s author: Sufiya Ahmed.
Children’s illustrator: Alessia Trunfio.
Genre: Children’s historical Fiction.
Published by: Little Tiger.
ISBN: 9781788956598.
Recommended for children aged: 8-10 year-olds.
First published: Paperback February 2024.
This children’s book is ideal for: Exploring history almost without realising it and comparing events in the past with those happening now.

Time Travellers: Adventure Calling by Sufiya Ahmed

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Our review:

Suhana has recently changed schools and isn’t enjoying it very much! When she discovers she is one of three students in her class to win a prize in a Christmas competition Suhana is delighted to find they will be going to the Houses of Parliament where history is all around them.

As she and her two companions, Mia and Ayaan, are standing in Westminster Hall, her phone, which she absolutely knows she switched off, begins to ring! The world spins around them and they are thrown back in time to June 1911 just before the coronation of King George V, and into the middle of a suffrage demonstration without any warning or understanding of what happened!

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The streets are crowded with women and Suhana is amazed to discover some of them look just like her! Knowing they only have a short amount of time before they have to return home Suhana and her friends are eager to explore and discover as much as they can about this new time period. As they meet demonstrators and officials and learn things not usually mentioned in their school textbooks the hours pass quickly. Can the three of them ensure they’ll be in the right place at the right time to return to 2024 or will they remain stuck in 1911?

Our verdict:

This is a brilliant book for those who love or loathe history as it is written in such an informative and engaging way that it should appeal to everyone. Suhana, whose story runs alongside the time travelling and historical aspects, is instantly likeable and relatable as are Mia and Ayaan.

The information about the suffrage movement and the upcoming coronation is mainly focused away from the normal facts and figures in the relevant school books. Instead, along with showing the differences between the suffragette and suffragist supporters, the diversity of those taking part in the peaceful marches is highlighted as well as some of the higher profile women from varying backgrounds.

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Teaching points and book club discussion ideas:

  • This is the first in a new series which could be used in a cross-curricular manner for years 4 and above.
  • This book could used to discuss the importance of friendship and feeling you belong whatever the circumstances or, in this instance, time period you live in.
  • Read a sample chapter.

Many thanks to Little Tiger for the review copy.

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