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Suggested reading list for Year 2 pupils | KS1 | Age 6-7

The following book list contains titles to appeal to children aged 6 and 7 years old in Year 2 of primary school. The books consist of a range of titles to cover all ability ranges including the less able and the more able. This list of books for year 2 was last updated on Jun 26, 2018 @ 6:32 pm.

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Salty Dogs by Matty Long

The Salty Dogs are a band of pirates constantly on the lookout for riches and treasure. Along the way they meet outrageous sea monsters and a ship full of monkeys. The illustrations are filled with clever details and speech bubbles which are ideal for helping develop imagination.

Don’t Look in this Book by Samuel Langley-Swain

With an eye-catching cover and provocative title, this book is bound to appeal to reluctant readers in Year 2. The artwork is stunning, taking the reader on an imaginative journey through fantastical places including outer space and a luminous green sewer – all told in rhythmic rhyming couplets which will encourage reading out loud. There’s also an encouraging twist at the end which should inspire creative ideas for the classroom.

Gorilla by Anthony Browne

A classic picture book for younger readers. When Hannah asks for a Gorilla for her birthday, she gets more than she bargained for – a real gorilla appears and takes her on a mesmerising and unexpected journey.

Dr Xargle’s Book of Earthlets by Jeanne Willis

Human life told through the unique perspective of Dr Xargle, an alien David Attenborough writing an observational travel guide. There are some hysterically funny descriptions of eating and babies. Ideal to read to your child – this book is guaranteed to cause fits of the giggles.

The Legend of Spud Murphy by Eoin Colfer

Not only does Will struggle to get any attention with four other brothers in the house, his mother decides to send them all to the library – in the holidays! The librarian, Spud Murphy, is Will’s worst nightmare. But unexpectedly, things take a sharp turn for the better.

Mr Majeika by Humphrey Carpenter

Mr Majeika is no ordinary teacher. He arrives each day by magic carpet and turns the class clown into a frog. School is never the same again.

Jinnie Ghost by Berlie Doherty

A captivating poem about Jinnie – a ghost who only exists in the daytime, who makes Charlotte’s toys come to life and creates a giant who leads an expedition to a castle in the clouds. Ideal for class reading in Year 2.

I Was a Rat!: Or, the Scarlet Slippers by Philip Pullman

A little boy turns up on the doorstep of Old Bob and his wife Joan, and when asked where he came from, says: “I was a rat!” An enthralling story with a clever twist. Ideal to read and discuss with your child.

The Day The Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt

When Duncan opens his box of crayons, instead of colours, he sees letters spelling “We Quit!”. A very funny story which will appeal to all abilities.

Tuesday by David Wiesner

A magical picture book, with few words, where naughty frogs fly on magic lily pads to surprise people in all sorts of unexpected ways. Incredible artwork makes this an ideal book for imaginative storytelling, especially with emerging readers.

Beaver Towers by Nigel Hinton

Philip flies to a magical island with his enchanted kite and meets a world of Beavers. But all is not well – many of the beavers have been imprisoned by the evil Oyin, and only Philip can save them.

Triangle by Mac Barnett

Ideal for reluctant readers to read aloud and discuss. Triangle is looking to get one up on his friend Square. But Square has other ideas. Clever and engaging with memorable illustrations.

Fungus the Bogeyman by Raymond Briggs

Full of snot, slime, smells, and much revoltingness, this book is bound to appeal to reluctant readers.

Mrs Wobble the Waitress by Allan Ahlberg

Mrs Wobble has her dream job – as a waitress – with one small problem. Her wobble. Faced with a jelly, she wibbles and wobbles and mayhem ensues.

The Adventures of Captain Underpants by Dav Pilkey

Two boys hypnotise their headteacher and create an alter ego – Captain Underpants – with wedgie power – fighting for good against evil. This book is sure to be a hit with reluctant readers.

The Dunderheads by Paul Fleischman

Possibly most evil teacher in the world gets her comeuppance in style thanks to Junkyard, Pencil and Spider who come up with a cunning plan.

The Man Whose Mother Was a Pirate by Margaret Mahy

Sam has quite a boring life, that is until he finds out his mother used to be a pirate. One day, after breakfast, he sets off on an unforgettable adventure.

Pirate School: Just a Bit of Wind by Jeremy Strong

Pirate school is a little different to ordinary school. Lessons include learning how to walk the plank and hand to hand fighting. A funny story which will appeal to reluctant readers.

The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me by Roald Dahl

A crazy story about Billy, who wants to own a sweet shop, and the Ladderless Window Cleaning Company run by a giraffe, a pelly and a monkey.

Mog Time Treasury: Six Stories About Mog the Forgetful Cat by Judith Kerr

A collections of Judish Kerr’s Mog stories, including Mog the Forgetful Cat, Mog and Bunny, Mog and Baby, Mog on Fox Night, Mog’s Bad Thing and Mog’s Christmas.

Uncle Gobb and the Dread Shed by Michael Rosen

Malcolm is a normal boy, but all those around him a slightly strange. There’s a school that tries hard to make everything boring, a genie who appears if you rub your nose, and a city called Ponky.

Mr Wolf’s Pancakes by Jan Fearnley

Traditional fairy tales, such as Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs are reworked in these extremely funny stories about a wolf who has some trouble making pancakes.

Gobbolino the Witch’s Cat by Ursula Williams

Gobbolino is a witch’s cat who longs to be someone’s pet. His search for a new home doesn’t start well as mysterious and strange things seem to happen all around him.

The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton

Could you choose between the Land of Birthdays and the Land of Toys? This is a classic and captivating story set in a magical land.

Clarice Bean, That’s Me by Lauren Child

At home, Clarice has to put up with her really annoying younger brother, a really moody older brother and a grandfather who pours soup on his corn flakes. A very funny story about Clarice, who just wants peace and quiet.

The Story of Babar by Jean De Brunhoff

Babar, an elephant, escapes from hunters by traveling to the city, where he learns a lot. On his return to the forest he is crown King of the Elephants.

Nim’s Island by Wendy Orr

A stunning adventure story about Nym, who lives on a beautiful desert island with her friends Jack ,Fred, Selkie and Chica. However, disaster strikes when Jack vanishes, and suddenly Nym needs all the help she can get.

Fluff the Farting Fish by Michael Rosen

Elvie desperately wants a puppy and isn’t that impressed when Mum returns from the pet shop with a fish. The fish won’t do tricks or bark or sit up; but it does have one special talent…

The Tear Thief by Carol Ann Duffy

Each night, the mysterious Tear Thief takes away all the tears from every child who is unhappy. What where does the Tear Thief go, and what happens to all the tears?

How To Live Forever by Colin Thompson

A unique and imaginative book about Peter, who lives in a magical library and is on the search for a very special book entitled: “How To Live Forever”.

Press Here by Herve Tullet

A book like no other. Push the yellow button, and the reader is faced with instructions and tasks to create an interactive experience. This book never reads quite the same way twice. Great for reluctant readers.

The Penderwicks by Jeanne Birdsall

The four Penderwicks sisters are all very different. When their father takes them on holiday to a huge country house, they embark on adventures none of them will ever forget. Great to read to a Year 2 class.

The Dragonsitter by Josh Lacey

Young Edward has been asked to look after his uncle’s pet while he goes on holiday. But it’s no ordinary pet, it’s a dragon – who eats Jemima! Presented as a series of emails, this story is easy to read and very funny.


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