Skylar and the K-pop Headteacher by Luan Goldie

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The School Reading Lists’ five word review: Body swap madness at school!
Children’s book title: Skylar and the K-pop Headteacher.
Children’s authors: Luan Goldie.
Genre: Chapter book, funny.
Published by: Walker Books.
ISBN: 9781529512533.
Recommended for children aged: 9-11 year-olds.
First published: Paperback March 2024.
This children’s book is ideal for: KS2 readers who enjoy humorous stories and anyone who understands what it means to be a major fan of a pop music group!

Skylar and the K-Pop Headteacher by Luan Goldie

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Our review:

Packed with humour and laughs, Skylar and the K-pop Headteacher introduces two very different main characters: Skylar, an 11-year-old K-pop-obsessed pupil at Saint Margaret’s school, and her super-strict 71-year-old headteacher, Ms Callus, who has no time or patience for such non-academic interests. When they inexplicably end up in a comical body swap situation, both must learn to empathise with the other and experience living life in someone else’s shoes.

Skylar begins her journey as a typical sullen pre-teen character who feels her family does not understand her and struggles with her time at school. Her seemingly main passions in life are K-pop and dancing which her world revolves around. We soon meet her best friend, Dana, who is a highly academic and active member of the school society. Both are HUGE K-pop fans, obsessed with the fictional band: AZ8. A background knowledge of K-pop is not necessary: Luan Goldie interweaves this seamlessly throughout the book (and the glossary at the back is also helpful!) meaning a reader new to this subject feels like a ‘Glow’ themselves by the end!

Both Skylar and Dana are excitedly counting down to a video comeback of AZ8’s ‘Hot Feet’ when Skylar’s parents, fed up with their daughter’s fixation, ban any mention of the band from the house. This then sets the stage for the WORST WEEK EVER. Feeling angry and misunderstood, Skylar ends up in a confrontation (involving a dancing bunny ears hat) with Ms Callus at school the next day. It’s during this argument that a random lightning storm strikes and the two opinionated and frustrated characters swap bodies with amusing results.

Initially, both Skylar and Ms Callus find things to enjoy about being a 71-year-old and an 11-year-old respectively. One enjoys the responsibility that can come with being an adult, the power of running a school and the peace that comes from living alone, whilst the other enjoys reliving their youth, spending time with family members and being relieved of accountability. However, they have no idea how long this will last and Dana can only haphazardly guess. Both Skylar and Dana are terrified that this means they won’t be able to enter the dance competition for free tickets to AZ8’s sold-out concert and when an unexpected school inspection is thrown into the mix, things get more hectic!

Slowly, over the chapters, Skylar and Ms Callus realise that the grass is not always greener. Can they work together to navigate their opposing lives and reach a mutual understanding of each other? If they succeed, will they swap back? Will Skylar and Dana make it to the concert and get to meet their K-pop idols? And will Saint Margaret’s be shut down due to ‘Ms Callus’s’ questionable leadership skills over the last week?

Our verdict:

With both characters experiencing ups and downs during their time living as someone at the opposite end of the age spectrum, Skylar and the K-pop Headteacher will send an important message of understanding and empathy. Full of genuinely funny moments and hilarious one-liners, this is a joyful tale of friendship, being a super K-pop fan and chasing your dreams. A highly enjoyable read with a great twist at the end!

Many thanks to Walker Books for the review copy.

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