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Recommended reading books for children

This website aims to provide exciting, stimulating and engaging reading suggestions for Primary and Secondary school aged children. The lists are designed for parents, teachers, school English departments, librarians and anyone who buys books for children. These are books your children will want to read! The lists have been complied to include fiction and non-fiction books for all abilities, including reluctant readers and the most able - with an emphasis on fun and thought provoking reads.

About Us

The School Reading List is curated and reviewed by a small group of librarians, English teachers and parents who meet each summer to discuss books which have worked well with groups of children, new releases within the last 12 months and the shortlists for children's literature awards.

We also decide on a book of the month which we email details of to website subscribers, normally after the 20th of each month. These titles tend to be books which have been recently released.

The books we recommend are almost always bought from bookshops - both on the high street and online. Sometimes pre release copies are provided to us via national and local book sellers, authors, agents, or publishers, but the majority of titles are picked off the shelf. We want to replicate our readers' experiences.

Only books which have been read to children or 'road-tested' with classes are reviewed, suggested or recommended.

We are happy for any school or organisation to link to our website and book list pages, but please don't copy our book descriptions or other content - this is a copyright issue. We write all our own reviews - please respect our hard work! We are protected by Copyscape who alert us to any problems and emails are sent out automatically to websites and hosts.

If you would like custom written book lists for your website, organisation or reading group, please let us know and we will be happy to quote a price.