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Travel locations and holiday destinations inspired by children’s books

Children's Literature in London

Are you looking for a travel destination to engage your children? How about a location from a favourite children’s book, or an actual landmark or building which inspired a magical or legendary setting from a story? Here’s a list of top holiday spots with literary themes. This page was last updated on Apr 3, 2018 @ 4:02 pm.

In the UK and Northern Ireland

Platform nine and three quarters from Children's Literature

Children's Literature in Oxford

Further afield

Children's Literature in Venice

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Travel Guides for Children

Lonely Planet have an excellent range of books for children visiting travel locations around the world. The Not for Parents series are stuffed with interesting facts about each location, and feature landmarks and trip ideas to appeal to children.

Leap and Hop books also produce amazing ring bound travel adventure guides for children, for locations such as Myanmar, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, New York, Paris and Bali.

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