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Educating for Empathy - Empathy Lab conference

EmpathyLab, University of Sussex, and St Matthew’s Research School host “Educating for Empathy” Conference

In a new partnership, EmpathyLab, the University of Sussex, and St Matthew’s Research School are hosting a conference addressing the urgent need for empathy education. Taking place on December 5, 2023, from 10:00 am to 3:30 pm, the Educating for Empathy – the reading factor conference will explore how literature plays a pivotal role in nurturing empathy among children and young people.

Meeting the Contemporary Imperative

As societal polarization deepens and post-Covid behavioural and mental health concerns escalate, the demand for empathy education becomes ever more evident. This new conference is dedicated to harnessing the power of reading and stories to cultivate empathy.

Educating for Empathy - Empathy Lab conference flyer

Diverse Perspectives from Experts

The conference presents a lineup of experts, integrating psychology, literacy, and social/emotional learning. Attendees can anticipate insights from Professor Robin Banerjee, Sonia Thompson, Professor Teresa Cremin, and children’s authors, including Hannah Gold, Rashmi Sirdeshpande, and Cath Howe.

Pioneering Research Unveiled

A cornerstone of the event is the preview of psychology research from the University of Sussex. This research examines the connection between reading and empathy, promising to reshape our understanding of this aspect of education.

Practical Strategies Tailored for Educators

Going beyond theoretical discourse, the conference is dedicated to equipping educators with tangible tools and strategies. The goal is to facilitate integration into classrooms and homes, thereby enhancing the educational experience.

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Authors as Educational Allies

Acknowledging the role authors play in education, the conference provides a platform for educators to gain insights from children’s authors actively engaged in empathy-focused work within schools.

Promoting Empathy in Education

Central to the discussions is the intersection of empathy and reading for pleasure. Sessions will explore how an empathy-focused approach can affect educational practices, contributing to the holistic development of students.

How to Attend

Early Bird tickets, available until October 27, are priced at £75, with General tickets at £95 per person. To secure your spot at this transformative event, visit the conference website or Ticketlab.

Educating for Empathy - Empathy Lab conference programme

Why this Conference is Important

As societal challenges call for a more empathetic approach, this conference will appeal to educators seeking not only theoretical understanding but practical strategies. With a blend of research, author insights, and actionable tools, Educating for Empathy – the reading factor aims to empower educators to better understand the complexities of today’s educational landscape.

Save the date – December 5th, 2023, for a day of collaborative learning and transformative insights. To let your staff know, there’s a downloadable link for the conference flyer here.

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