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Epic Escapes at-home escape room kits offer a screen-free entertainment option for your teens this summer. These innovative kits aim to engage teens with adventure, problem-solving, and social interaction – offering a break from digital devices over the holiday period.

Parents often struggle to keep their teenagers entertained without relying on screens. Epic Escapes presents a solution with their at-home escape room kits. Combining excitement and challenge, the kits are designed to captivate and engage teenagers while promoting real-world interactions.

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“Reducing screen time helps improve sleep, reduce eye strain, and promote physical activity,” says an Epic Escapes representative. Experts agree that decreasing screen time significantly benefits teenagers’ mental and physical health. Escape rooms offer a fun and educational alternative for summer activities, making them an excellent choice for parents seeking screen-free options.

Escape rooms are popular with teenagers because they provide a blend of adventure and intellectual challenge. Solving puzzles under time pressure encourages creative problem-solving. The social aspect of escape rooms promotes teamwork and communication among friends and family, enhancing the overall experience. On the Epic Escapes website, online testimonials from teens highlight satisfaction ratings.

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Parents can also host escape room parties at home. To create a memorable experience, they should follow setup instructions closely and prepare in advance. Themed props and decorations can enhance the atmosphere, while themed snacks and beverages keep players energized during the game. With Epic Escapes’ easy-to-use kits and printable games, setting up an escape room party is straightforward and enjoyable.

Epic Escapes offers various escape room games tailored for teenagers, with themes and difficulty levels ranging from beginner to expert. The “Escape Room In A Box” kits come with all necessary components, ready to play. Printable games are available as instant downloads, allowing for quick and easy setup. This variety ensures that there are options for different age groups and interests, catering to both novice and experienced players.

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Beyond entertainment, escape room games contribute to personal growth and learning for teenagers. Challenging puzzles can enhance critical thinking and analytical skills and working together to solve problems will help to promote collaboration and effective communication. Overcoming obstacles in these games builds resilience and patience. “Our games offer more than just fun; they support personal development,” states an Epic Escapes spokesperson.

Epic Escapes provides an engaging, educational, and screen-free summer activity for teenagers. Their escape room kits promise to build problem-solving, teamwork, critical thinking skills and resilience – all areas of interest for conscientious parents and professional teachers seeking screen-free activities for teens. Transforming your home into a hub of excitement and creativity!

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Kits that will have particular appeal to English teachers, given their genres and emphasis on inference, retrieval and deduction skills – all useful for comprehension development – are room in a box kits: Hijack (Hard), Piracy (Intermediate) & Crime (Easy), and printable kits: The Murderous Scallywag, Tower of London and the Christmas themed Elf on the Stealth.

For more information on Epic Escapes’ products, visit the Epic Escapes website.

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