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I’m Tom Tolkien and I’ve been a Head of English, senior leader and literacy consultant for over 20 years in UK schools.

So, if you’re looking for perspicuous analysis of trackable evidence-based curriculum didacticism, then this podcast isn’t for you.

No! I escaped the classroom and fell into a magical realm of witches and wizards, heroes, heroines and dastardly villains, surreal mysteries, dystopian societies, spectacular encyclopaedias, breath-taking nonfiction, life changing biographies … and more.

So, let’s explore an enchanting world of children’s and teen literature with Books you’ll want your children to read and books you’ll wish you’d read as a child.

In each episode of the School Reading List podcast, I’ll take a slightly less than serious delve into the kid lit universe, rounding up the new releases, ripping open the book post, diving deep into topic books lists and stumbling into an out of print bookshop.

With occasional guests, live book tastings, reader questions, random shout outs and cringeworthy soundbites, join me, Tom Tolkien, for The School Reading List Podcast.

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Tom Tolkien is an experienced teacher and educational consultant who taught for 20 years in primary and secondary schools, including Woodleigh School in North Yorkshire, where he was Head of English and ran a 4000 book prep school library for pupils aged 3-13. He now reviews books for children and teens. Social profiles: Twitter | Linkedin