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Children’s topic books about the Anglo-Saxons. This list of books for children aged 5-11 in primary school years 1-6 in KS1 and KS2 contains recommended topic books to appeal to all reading abilities. We have picked a range of picture books, nonfiction and children’s novels to read aloud, discuss in groups or individually or to use an impetus discuss in history, literacy, in class time or book clubs. This list of reading suggestions is revised regularly and includes stories by Tony Bradman, Rosemary Sutcliff, Terry Deary, Karen Wallace, Robert Fowke and Anita Ganeri.

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Our recommended children’s books for topics about the Anglo Saxons

Anglo Saxons (Explore) by Jane Bingham

An excellent starter book describing the life of an Anglo Saxon child. Full of facts and activities, weblinks and cross-curricular suggestions.

Anglo Saxons (What They Don’t Tell You About) by Robert Fowke

A tongue in cheek account of who the Anglo Saxons were and how they influenced the country. From Bede to Harold, place names and days of the week – this is a fun and informative read.

Smashing Saxons by Terry Deary

Guaranteed to be a classroom favourite! All the gory details you could want to know about the Anglo Saxons, told in a style that will appeal to even the most reluctant readers.

The Anglo Saxons British Museum Activity Books

An activity book rather than a reading book. Anglo Saxon life is explored through puzzles, games and drawings. A useful resource.

Anglo Saxon Britain – Found by Moira Butterfield

A lovely book that traces Anglo Saxon life through thirteen archaeological finds, and elaborates on their significance. What was this used for? What does this tell us?

Kings and Warriors Discover the Anglo Saxons by Moira Butterfield

An easy to navigate book which introduces the topic effectively. Full of facts, timelines and photos, this book also contains a vast glossary. Plus points are the ‘go visit’ boxes and weblinks.

You Wouldn’t Want to be an Anglo Saxon Peasant! by Jacqueline Morley

The life of a seventh century farmer’s son. A valuable way to open discussions on the diffferences between life then and how we live today.

Saxon Tales by Terry Deary

A set of three books by Horrible Histories author Terry Deary – to enthrall, inspire and amuse young readers. An enjoyable way to encourage more fact finding about this period of history.

How to be an Anglo Saxon in 13 Easy Stages by Scoular Anderson

A colourful guide covering the most important facts you must know to survive as an Anglo Saxon. From how to protect your land to how to fight the Vikings; praying to the gods, to dealing with everyday life – it’s all covered in an easy to ready layout.

Alfred the Great and the Anglo Saxons by History Starting Points

Why was Alfred ‘Great’? This book tells his life story, using primary source material. Alfred’s achievements, myths, legends, cross-curricular links and craft ideas are all blended together in text, pictures and cartoons.

Anglo Saxon Times – Newspapers from History

The best way to find out the news? Read a paper! Full of headline news, fashion, food, property, and entertainment – Anglo Saxon style. It also includes fun adverts and items for sale. A favourite classroom book.

Anglo Saxon Study Book by CGP

An easy to follow layout with double-page spreads for each topic area. Colourfully illustrated, this book is written clearly and features questions to provoke further research and independent thought.

Beowulf Dragon Slayer by Rosemary Sutcliff

A gripping edge of your seat retelling of the exploits of Beowulf fighting the monster Grendel and other hideous creatures. Complimented with drawings by Charles Keeping, this is a true to the legend version of the epic tale.

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight by Karen Wallace

An easy to read adaptation of the classic tale. Ideal as a class reader with reluctant readers in mind.

Anglo Saxon Boy by Tony Bradman

A fast-paced, battle filled tale of family feuds and deception. Seen through the eyes of Magnus, son and heir to the leadership of the Southern Saxons, the reader follows his journey to the Battle of Hastings.

Life in Anglo Saxon Britain (A Child’s History of Britain) by Anita Ganeri

An excellent choice to reveal the differences between life for a child then and now. Full of primary source materials and illustrations, which explain the life and work expected of children in an Anglo Saxon home.

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Looking for more topic books? Try our books for topics in KS1 and KS2 page.

We also have lists of recommended reading books for children aged 3-11.


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