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These suggestions are not specifically tied to curriculums and have been picked on the strength of the teaching ideas and activities described.

Mind Maps for Kids by Tony Buzan

An excellent resource for teaching pupils how to structure and plan ideas for writing fiction, non fiction and revision. Very visual and engaging in style.

Graphic Novel Classroom by Maureen Bakis

A great guide explaining how to create graphic novels in the classroom to engage pupils with writing, reading and critical thinking skills. The ideas work particularly well with pupils aged 12-16.

Let’s do poetry in primary schools by James Carter

This book is packed with fun and practical workshop style ideas for teaching poetry to primary aged pupils. There’s an excellent range of ideas, all of which will work well with pupils aged 5-11.

Spelling rules, riddles and remedies by Sally Raymond

An innovative and interesting set of ideas to engage pupils learning to spell. The book is aimed at children who struggle with spelling, but the ideas and methods will work well with all pupils aged 5-13. The books uses games, mnemonics and confidence boosting strategies.

Bananagrams game

An ideal game to encourage and build confidence with independent spelling, word building, use of prefixes and suffixes and imaginative vocabulary. Bananagrams is perfect group activities involving spelling or proof reading. There’s also a large outdoor set available.

Scholastic rhyming dictionary

This is probably the most child friendly rhyming dictionary published. Now out of print, this US English edition features word lists built up progressively by the number of syllables – including internal rhymes and funny phrases and idioms which encourage pupils to become engrossed.

Rip the page – Adventures in creative writing by Karen Benke

This book is full of creative and left-field prompts to spark ideas for poems or solve a blank page story situation. It’s an excellent resource for reluctant writers and suitable for pupils aged 9-14. There are numerous quotes and anecdotes from prominent US children’s authors such as Lemony Snicket.

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