Lily Halfmoon: The Witches’ Council by Xavier Bonet

Lily Halfmoon: The Witches’ Council – at a glance

The School Reading Lists’ five word review: Secret, school, friendship, magic, witches.
Children’s book title: Lily Halfmoon: The Witches’ Council.
Children’s author: Xavier Bonet.
Genre: Graphic novel.
Published by: Allen & Unwin Children’s.
ISBN: 9781761069727.
Recommended for children aged: 7-11 year-olds.
First published: Paperback April 2023.
This children’s book is ideal for: Children interested in magic, friendship and highly illustrated graphic novels.

Lily Halfmoon: The Witches' Council by Xavier Bonet

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Our review:

Samhain night is approaching, when magic is at its strongest. Lily Halfmoon is a young witch with a powerful moonstone, who, with her friends, Gigi and Mai, wants to protect the town of Piedraville and the future of witches. But once celebrations for Samhain night begin, not everything is as it seems.

When Lily’s moonstone is in danger can Lily defeat the enemy? Lily Halfmoon: The Witches’ Council is an adventure that explores being different, good role models, family values and forgiveness, wrapped in excitement and a very bright and colourful graphic novel. It’s jam-packed with appealing illustrations.

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Our verdict:

There are so many little touches throughout Lily Halfmoon: The Witches’ Council, with pages that break up the story with corrupted gems, and maps of different schools that teach different skills, for example: magical properties, folklore, astrology and spells.

There’s a witches’ lunar calendar and a glossary of magical creatures. Flying paper dragons, sphinx riddles, taming kelpies, flying races, animal guardians and the occasional diary entries make this an easy, enjoyable read for 7-11-year-olds.

Many thanks to Allen & Unwin Children’s Books for the review copy.

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